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Starter plan

  • Connect 1 controller
  • 1,000 tasks included
  • Admin roles
  • No storage
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For small & medium business

$19.95 /MO


  • Connect up to 10 controllers
  • 10,000 tasks included
  • Admin roles
  • No storage
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Starting at $49.95 /MO

Pro plan

  • Connect unlimited controllers
  • 50,000 tasks included
  • Admin roles
  • 1Gb storage
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Packed With Epic Features

So you can focus on your most important work.


Focus in your project. Don’t waste unnecessary time learning to code.

Cloud friendly

Save money, you don't need to install servers. GB-Console is cloud based.

Manage GPIO

Use the General Purpose I/O pins of your microcontroller to turn things on/off.


Launch automations based on PIR, buttons, sensors and more.

Schedule tasks

Set time to on/off your devices by day of weeks.

Pulse Width Modulation

Manage dimmers and industrial engines with PWM.

I2C sensors

Read sensors using the I2C bus from your microprocessor.


Integrate with other APPs using Webhooks to trigger automations.

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